Sam Fisher

I can offer the open-mindedness, attentive listening, and technical skills needed to help you make the translation from a concept to a machine learning product.

I’ve worked in and with start-ups to develop new and groundbreaking products driven by data analysis since 2016. During that time I’ve also been a student pursuing post-baccalaureate and graduate coursework in mathematics, statistics, and machine learning through Harvard Extension and MITx. Prior to this, I was a musical composer and theater sound designer, which helped me develop a creative and exploratory approach to technology.

“Sam should be entrusted with delivering robust solutions in data science and software engineering roles.” - Jake Stanley, Product Manager at Capital One


Python JavaScript SQL MongoDB UNIX Command Line Git & GitHub Version Control AWS & Google Cloud Flask Docker Pandas Numpy Scipy Scikit-Learn Microservice Architectures RESTful API Design Classification Regression Clustering Feature Engineering Data Visualization Natural Language Processing Time Series Modeling Linear Algebra Calculus Probability Theory Discrete Mathematics Numerical Optimization Algorithms Technical Writing Public Speaking Teaching


Oberlin Conservatory

Sept. 2010​ - May 2014

Bachelor of Music,
Music Technology


Jan. 2018​ - June 2018​

Data Science Career Track

Harvard Extension School

Jan. 2018​ - Current

Post-Baccalaureate Student,
Computer Science & Math

Work Experience

Fisher Metrical LLC , Self-Employed Data Science Consultant

Little Rock, AR Jan. 2020​ - Current

  • Advised a data analyst for a telecommunications company on implementing sentiment classification of reviews using the BERT deep neural network architecture.
  • Created a topic modeling system for a social impact investing platform, Impending Bloom, that surfaces important themes in political tweets and shows the variation in political attention amongst politicians and the companies who’s employees donate to their campaigns.
  • Modified a recommendation algorithm for a social networking app, Panion, to reduce average page load time from 5 seconds to < 1 second with minimal cost to optimality.
  • Developed a bayesian network model for a genomics company that predicts the probability that a patient has specific types of cancer given information about DNA found in a blood sample.
  • Created a combinatorial optimization algorithm for a genomics company that selects which blood samples to sequence in order to maximize information gain to machine learning models downstream.
  • Created a back-end system for an e-commerce company managing customer messaging, funnel analytics, and generating+distributing product codes.

Apothewell, Co-founder - Little Rock, AR

Nov. 2019​ - May 2020​

  • Developed go-to-market and product development strategy for early stage healthcare startup.
  • Conducted quantitative + qualitative market research using secondary data and customer interviews.
  • Created technical specifications for back-end application, iOS app, and integrated hardware.

Bond.AI , Data Scientist - Little Rock, AR

Aug. 2019​ - Sept. 2019​

  • Early stage software design on a personal finance recommendation system.
  • Designed a system of metrics to capture individual consumer financial health from bank account transaction data based on existing academic research.
  • Designed a method for recommending healthy financial ratios tailored to the individual consumer's socio-economic context.

Vocool , Lead Software Engineer - Little Rock, AR

June 2018​ - July 2019​

  • Architected, programmed, shipped, and maintained a statistical anomaly detection service to a client in the retail sector.
  • Architected, programmed and shipped Alexa & Google Assistant voice interfaces for an IoT appliance. The device was successfully demoed at a major appliance manufacturing show.
  • Architected, programmed, and shipped an Alexa-based conference room booking service for the Little Rock Technology Park.

Brain.fm , Head of Music - Chicago, IL

Feb. 2017​ - Sept. 2017​

  • Co-designed online auditory tests and mined web application database to study music preferences.
  • Co-developed a music QA pipeline consisting of internal review and objective key performance indicators for music quality based on user listening behavior.
  • Stabilized music team output from inconsistent productivity to a bi-weekly release of ~4 hours of music per composer.

Seller Labs , App Support Specialist - Athens, GA

July 2016​ - Jan. 2017​​

  • Invented and implemented a software for automatic prioritization of customer feature requests to support decision making using Python, SQL, and custom integrations with a SaleForce product.
  • Provided customer support to amazon merchants via phone and email, serving as an expert advisor on all Seller Labs software products.